Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Went To The Upper West Side And I Didn't Spontaneously Combust

Different parts of town speak to differently to different people. I've been an East Side gal since the minute I moved to Manhattan eleven years ago. I've always been just a few yards from Second Avenue, one way or another.

The Upper West Side makes me feel like I'm a graduate student at Columbia again, as if I should be a little more caffeinated and reading something academic instead of, say, my chic lit book du jour. Whenever I walk around I have an overwhelming sense of guilt for not being better versed in the current week's New Yorker, or my lack of support for NPR. It's a place that has always struck me as being a little sleepy, what with all the strollers and the nannies. (Even though I have both a stroller and a nanny, Murray Hill is hardly sleepy, considering all the drunk frat boys and its proximity to Grand Central Station.)

After going over my clients with my boss, and looking for ways to tweak my business, I realized that I've been doing well with couples, large one bedrooms and an average price of about $3000. So why limit myself to just the East Side? I took the 2/3 train to 72nd Street and decided to see what was up there.

This is what's up there: A Classic 7 (yes, seven) in a doorman building on West End Avenue. High floor. $9950. If you put this same apartment on the East Side it would be closer to $15,000. (Trust me on this one.)

Need a backyard? A little farther south on 48th Street and Ninth Avenue is this very large one bedroom with a backyard that is the same size as the apartment. Gut renovation, new floors, new bath, new kitchen and very high ceilings. $2595. Insane deal and a really good pick if one works in Midtown, a la Morgan Stanley, Barclay's etc. Short walk to work while escaping the chaos of Times Square.