Thursday, November 19, 2009

This piece in New York Magazine about the woman who caused that horrible crash on the Tacomic Parkway this past summer is both creepy and sad. Everyone claims to have not known about her drinking habit? And how deluded is her husband?

I'm also reading about all the layoffs at the Associated Press and I am dumbfounded by the incredibly talented and dedicated people who got the axe, some of which are named, others which are on listserves the average reader doesn't have access to. No one was spared, worldwide, including National Desk editors who've been there for decades as well as National Writers.

I understand that the business of journalism is changing and the AP has likely been bleeding money for years, given that their clients, mostly newspapers, are going under. I wager that in five years time, there will be no Associated Press, or it will be a vastly different company that what we know now.