Friday, October 05, 2007 Is The Devil logo, originally uploaded by crystalfusion.

Yesterday I had to get on to send a baby gift to a friend. (Heads up, Julie!) I picked out some diapers and some onesies, since that's what new moms really want and need, and sent the order out.

Somehow Amazon pulled up a few items that I viewed on September 1st, when I was dilly dallying on the computer one afternoon. It seems the red, patent leather Steve Madden heels (hot!) I was eyeballing a month ago were now on sale for $30. How could I not buy them?

I was then sent to another Amazon page, all full of deeply discounted clothing, where I found a pair of French Connection jeans for $30. Again, how could I not buy these? They're boot cut!

Always the woman, I realized I needed a top to complete this new ensemble, and soon found another insanely cheap top.

So...after spending about $50 on a baby gift, Amazon somehow got me to spend another $105 on stuff for myself. Le sigh...

Amazon, I shake my fist you!