Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Monday

'neath the blood red canopy...
Originally uploaded by Trapac.

Good morning, all. I hope you are settling into Monday well. I don't work in an office on Mondy, instead I teach in the evenings. I still like to get up before noon, though, and at least write a little. I tell my students that in order to stay sharp they must write everyday. So here I am.

1. I've been having a strange dream lately in which I am in a dirty Chinese food place and I can't make up my mind as to what I would like. What do you think this signifies?

2. Who else, besides myself, is going to all the CMJ stuff this week? I would love to have a concert buddy for a few things, so hit me back. I have a press pass and can get into everything (yes, I'm even going to the Borat screening on thr 31st) but there's lots of other stuff I would like to see.

3. I am in the market for a voice coach to work on repetoire. I'm looking for someone with experience with performing singers, not some yahoo who likes to make his students to exercises all day long. Theory is great, performing is better. No conservatory dorks, please. I need someone who can help me get on a stage and perform.