Sunday, August 27, 2006

Velazquez Turns 30!!!

The Birthday Boy

Velazquez, the world's biggest Yankee fan and fellow Syracuse Peep, crossed to the Dark Side (age 30) on Saturday night. We all gathered in Hoboken to mark (mourn?) the occasion.

First off, my hair. It was good before I got on the PATH train and the humidity had its way with me. I took photos of it.
Good Hair Should Always Be Documented

Unlike many New Yorkers, I actually don't have any large issues with Hoboken. It's a fun little place, with lots of bars and some good shops. I can't hate on it the way that I do Murray Hill. Hoboken is what it is: A former sailor town that had the smarts to keep all its saloons in tact. If that's not wise urban planning, I don't known what it.

However, whose ides was it to put in an American Apparel? If you want to control your influx of frat boys, don't encourage them with waffle T's.
Save Us All

Even Hoboken has pretty flowers.
Bodega Fleurs

And stores named after moi.
They Named the Store After Me

When I got there, Dave was already deep into his Birthday Beer.
Dave Gets His Drink On

Ladies Love Dave V.
Ladies Love Dave V.

Dave collects the tops of Ben and Jerry's ice cream pints. I do not know why.
Ben And Jerry's Top Collection

Debbie and Abby. Hotties.
Debbie and Abby

Dave made sure there was plenty of booze to go around.
Good Times

Liquor: It helps Dave defy gravity.
Velazquez Defies Gravity

Velazquez and Conte: Like Twins
Conte and Velazquez

We work on our Zoolander stares
Practicing Our Zoolander Stares

Syracuse Peeps and Some Chick
Syracuse Peeps and Some Chick

Thanks for the Goos Times, Dave!! Let's see how you feel at 40!!!
Velazquez and Moi