Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We Want Prenup! We Want Prenup!

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I get a lot of silly press releases over the course of the day, but yesterday afternoon I got a rather interesting one about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

It seems that when the two lovebirds got married three years ago, they never put together a prenup. At the time, Nick was the more successful of the two and Miss Jessica was still a third-tier blonde songstress. Oh, how things can change...

The whole press release is below. All in all, I think this divorce should be an interesting one to follow. Never will the tabloids be needed more...

In January of 2004, Jessica Simpson told reporters that she considered a prenuptial agreement "too worldly" given her Southern Baptist upbringing, and that she wouldn’t want one anyway. “If anything were to happen to me and Nick, I’ve had a great life with him and he would deserve half of everything I have,” she said at the time.

Nick Lachey may have thought a split might eventually favor him — in 2003, he joked with the Philadelphia Inquirer that "I didn't want to do [a prenup], because I know she'll end up making more money than me."

There could be more practical reasons for the couple decision to skip the prenup. Joe Simpson, Jessica’s father and manager, is widely regarded as a shrewd businessman when it comes to his daughters, and he may have seen some disadvantage in a prenup when his daughter first married Lachey. California divorce law provides for a 50/50 split of the assets of a divorcing couple, and when Lachey and Simpson first married, it was Lachey, coasting on the success of more than one multi-platinum album with 98 Degrees, who stood to lose in such a split.

Is Nick a latter-day Nostradamus? Will Jessica eat her words?

---From Justice Wire