Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Anti-Wedding Crasher

Ah, the Lazy, Manmade River

Yesterday Jen and I were on the e-mail talking wedding stuff when I pointed out that I am the Anti-Wedding Crasher. I don't need to crash weddings, because I seem to be invited to them all. Sometimes I'm even in them. (Third bridesmaid to the left...) We had a good laugh about this and then Jen reminded me I needed to pick up my dress next week for her wedding on the 22nd.

In order to fit into all these dresses and not ruin other people's photos with my glutton, I've been at the gym after work. Yesterday's romp on the treadmill was aided by MTV's True Life: I Want the Perfect Body II. I am a big fan of all the MTV reality shows, from Real World to Made to My Perfect Sweet 16. But True Life is defintely my favorite.

In this episode one of the characters was a 24-year-old woman who wanted to compete in a fitness competition. Watching her body transformation over the course of an hour was amazing. It really was a testament to what getting off your arse and working out can do. I won't give away the ending, just check it out.

Back at home, it was time to get OCD with the housework. Just because I haven't been home a lot doesn't mean that a mess has not grown. There were clothes and shoes everywhere, bags of groceries, small piles of mail and a seriously overdue ConEd bill. (Whoops!) It's a good thing my cat, Pokie The Fearless, is still summering in Connecticut, because I don't think I would have been able to find him among the detritus.

By 11:00 PM everything was straightened out, including two loads of laundry. My bathroom is now the cleanest room in my apartment. It got the total once-over: Bleach in toilette, Ajax on the counters...I even took out the long glass shelves in the medicine cabinet, washed them by hand and tossed every piece of old make up I haven't used in six months. It was all rather freeing. Try it!